Asia Food Journal

Your Professional Guide to Processing, Packaging and Ingredients

Asia Food Journal offers comprehensive information and knowledge for readers who wish to keep abreast of the food manufacturing industry. Learn of the latest happenings in the industry with daily news updates complemented by specialized knowledge channels. AFJ magazine is also available in digital format, where it can easily accessed via desktop, cellphone or tablet.

Editorial summary

Gain a wealth of knowledge into an industry sector from views and opinions from the ground. Have insights into target markets to make informed business decisions.

Industry experts share their knowledge on current trends in ingredeints and functionalities for the discerning consumer.

Be up-to-date about the newest food and beverage processing methods and equipment to produce more with fewer resources.

House and dress your products safely and attractively with what the industry has to offer.

Master the nuts and bolts of what makes your manufacturing plant perform at its best.

Find out what works in the manufacturing facilities and businesses from those who have seen success. Armed with this knowledge, you could shorten your learning curve in new territories.

Be updated on what is currently brewing in the industry – from opportunities, latest issues and efficient production. Know the latest buzz, facts and figures on emerging trends and sectors.

Find out what the news makers are saying of their new facility openings, hires, discovery, latest research and development, market expansion and business colaborations.

Find out what is new in the market. You could do more with less using the solutions unveiled here.

Prepare to meet new customers and business partners at industry events. Know the hustle and bustle of trade events for a fruitful experience.

In-depth dialogue with leading industry executives.